Let's Dance


I have always loved music and dancing, so it was only natural for me to start using flowing rayon fabric as my preferred textile to design with. It just moves on its own with your body and the music that surrounds you.

Dancers soon discovered how much fun it was to wear Loco Lindo, and a mutual love began!

My favorite thing to witness, selling these garments, is when a dancer tries on a dress and twirls in front of the mirror. I just love it! I call it The Twirl Test because it determines if the chosen garment will get the job done and it always does!

This new Loco Lindo Curated Collection pulls together all the styles that we know will pass The Twirl Test.

Also, the choice of “Let's Dance!!" wants to honor David Bowie, a true original, that I have admired and loved deeply! 

There is a dancer in everyone of us. Never stop dancing!! 

XOXO Linda

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